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Children Read To Shelter Cats To Soothe Them

(Photos by Animal Rescue League Of Berks County. You can follow them on Facebook.)

Also good for the kids. They encourage having slow readers read to the family pets. A dog will listen to a kid read a whole book one damn sssyl-la——-ble at a time, and it will never get frustrated, or correct their pronunciation, or start playing Angry Bird because it can’t stand listening to the slowness any more. The dog will look at the kid approvingly, because, human. Human is talking. Human is interacting.

So this is a great win-win.

I cried and I’m on my period but I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with it bc it just makes me so happy that the little kittens have people to interact with aughhhdfhafas’ed

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#the moment I knew I had to be indiana jones

This was actually Harrison Ford improvising. There was supposed to be a long complicated battle where he used the whip to disarm the guy, but Harrison had dysentery and it was hot and he said “Hey Steven can I just shoot him?” and Spielberg liked it so much it went in the movie.

Dysentery never looks so delicious

That guy who he shot spent months training with the sword

Ford was literally on the verge of dying during this part of the production.

First rule of the Doctor Jones fandom ALWAYS reblog this gifset when it comes on your dashboard.


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He’s a good flirt guys!

He’s a good flirt guys!

Guys we’re a match!!

Guys we’re a match!!

Guys I found Groot on Tinder!!

Guys I found Groot on Tinder!!